An Entertainer and Trader Rolled Into One

The Trading Comedy is a persona created by an independent artist residing in the Philippines that aims to help people in finding their own path to Nirvana.

We have created unorthodox approaches in trading the financial markets through the use of lines, Elliott Wave Theory, and Fibonacci retracements. Our founder is generous enough to share all his learnings to the trading community.

For those who are still struggling in finding their own “holy grail”, our lazy technical analyses and philosophies may help you in your trading journey.


Alex Corner, Founder and Singer-songwriter

A self-proclaimed “Lazy Elliottician”, Alec is a former mobile app developer turned independent singer-songwriter and busker, who goes by the stage name “Alex Corner”.

He has released a couple of songs on Spotify and other music digital platforms. A self-taught trader, he also created this persona where he documents his trading journey in the Philippine Stock Market and beyond.

He is currently working as a freelance writer and a casual gamer and streamer.


Why The Trading Comedy?

“Believe it or not, I started this blog out of a major trading failure and wake up call back in 2018 where I lost one month of my saved IT salary in one week on my birth month.

I chose to carry the title of The Trading Comedy because I wanted to create a positive outlet out for all my accumulated losses in the stock market.

The title was also inspired by The Divine Comedy series of Dante Alighieri specifically Inferno  because this was the time I hit rock bottom in my trading journey. 

But throughout these months of figuring out what trading methods suited me, I pushed into creating my own line trading system instead of going through the usual methods scattered around the internet and so far it has placed me in the right direction.

Originally, the goal of this blog was only to record all my learnings and share my perspectives as a human being in this journey in the financial markets as I slowly go back to my own Paradiso.

But after accumulating enough experience, I decided to pursue and take blogging seriously so I applied what I learned in my current freelance writing gigs and decided to setup this website.

Aside from sharing my trading experiences, I also do part-time writing news for other niches aside from finance like gaming and tech.

So you’ll also have an opportunity to explore what goes on inside my head whenever I read market news and I try to connect the dots through my unorthodox approach to technical analysis.

For those who are trapped in their own Infernos  or still stuck in Limbo or trying to reach at least Purgatorio, I hope you find your Paradiso someday in the world of the financial markets.”

-Alex Corner