December has got to be one of the most profitable months for Philippine Stocks as most traders were able to ride the massive trends of $ACEN and $DITO as they continue to reach new heights.

However, you may want to add Greenergy Holdings, Inc. ($GREEN) to your watchlist before 2021 starts.

Will $GREEN resist 3.50 or slowly continue its rally?

This stock has been silently going up amid its major disclosure last September about securing an investment with Yakuru Group Pty. Limited (YGPL) in Australia which will venture into biotechnology specifically medicinal hemp.

However, it also had a minor scare this month wherein they disclosed about a terminated agreement with RYM Business Management Corp.

The stock price gapped down at the open but managed to go back up intraday as the disclosure also stated that the company “will focus on its core investments and projects in the areas of food and agriculture, medicinal hemp production, digitalization projects, and development of green infrastructures.”

Short term projections at the Daily chart tells us that there’s a swing trade opportunity of up to 3.50.

But what makes this stock attractive is due to its medium and long term projections via the Weekly timeframe. This stock has the potential to reach up to the 40+ levels and volume has been silently accumulating since 2008 if we observe the subtle spikes in its price chart.

Greenergy just needs to regularly inform their investors about their upcoming developments which could trigger future catalysts that can drive this stock to new highs.

Don’t forget to manage your risks should you attempt to invest or trade in this sleeping stock.