While cheap stocks like Greenergy Holdings, Inc. continue their steady uptrend, here are some underrated stocks that you might want to add in your watchlists this 2021 should you plan on trading in the Philippine stock market.

Take note that these are high risk picks. So it is advised to allocate money that you are willing to lose and apply risk management.



Our InvestaScreener+ from Investa picked up these stocks but we’ll be focusing on three weekly charts of the stocks from the list that we think can impact 1Q 2021.

The one thing in common that these three stock picks have is that they continue to skyrocket since hitting their respective March 2020 lows.


MRC Allied, Inc. ($MRC)

$MRC Weekly Chart

This has been one of the favorites in the Philippine trading community for it had one of the most promising headlines. BusinessWorld  reported that they have signed a deal with 5G Security, Inc. to acquire 75% of Kerberus.

It currently has the potential to reach the 1.00 levels in the short-term due to the bullish sentiment shared across investors.

If this positive sentiment continues to carry over 1Q 2021, expect the rally to most likely continue up to 7.00 assuming $MRC continues to disclose more upcoming deals.


Basic Energy Corporation ($BSC)

$BSC Weekly Chart

As far as technicals are concerned, we have seen this stock has been silently accumulating through its reported earnings last 2Q 2020 having around Php 14 million in net income.

It was only last December 2020, that Basic Energy Corporation disclosed a major catalyst about a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with MAP 2000 Development Corporation (M2DC).

As per the disclosure, the agreement states that M2DC will receive roughly 9.9 billion primary shares to be subscribed and issued out of the increase in the authorized capital stock of the company from Php 2.5 billion to Php 5 billion, upon approval thereof by Securities and Exchange Commission.

If more developments are to be disclosed this 1Q 2021, expect $BSC price to attempt to either resist or break the 1.00 levels.


Apollo Global Capital, Inc. ($APL)

$APL Weekly Chart

Of all the picks so far, this is the riskiest of them all due to the fact that it still continues to create more highs. On the last day of trading in 2020, $APL was able to hit 0.1440 which is its current 52-week and all-time high.

It is also worth noting that ever since $APL disclosed their magnetite mining venture in Cagayan that was reported by The Manila Times last December 7, 2020, we observed huge spikes of volume in its Daily chart for the entire month.


$APL Daily Chart – On December 9, 2020, they confirmed the early report from The Manila Times about their deep-sea mining venture

Although we see $APL to have a possibility to hit 1.00 levels, our Lazy Elliott Fibonacci retracement suggests that the areas for taking profits would be at around 0.23 to 0.65.

Also, we observed that investors also dumped a lot of their shares judging from the last volume bar shown by its Daily chart. So it is possible that it could revisit 0.10 levels.

May you manage your risks well this coming 2021 and good luck with trading the Philippine markets.